Meet John & Jerry Harper


We have been helping Kansans in & around Abilene, Atchison, Emporia, Junction City, Kansas City, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Lenexa, Manhattan, Olathe, Ottawa, Overland Park, Salina, Topeka, & most anywhere else in NE Kansas resolve difficult financial problems for over 40 years – Jerry since the 1970s, John for the last 12 years. 


Meet John Harper

While attending Washburn School of Law, I worked as a paralegal in the office of a bankruptcy attorney. Since 2006 I have been actively engaged in the practice of consumer bankruptcy law.


I enjoy working with individuals and helping them get a fresh financial start. So I do that exclusively. I just don’t have much interest in representing large business entities.


Although my office is in Topeka, KS (where the U.S. Bankruptcy Court is located), I help individuals from throughout the State of Kansas. If you call me today, I can generally meet with you tomorrow – my place or yours.


My father, now mostly retired, has been an attorney since 1974, so I naturally grew up thinking I wanted to do something else. And for many years I did.


At age 15, three of my friends and I started a punk rock band called The Micronotz. That was our primary extra-curricular activity all through high school and into college. We produced several record albums and a couple of cassettes (if you remember what those are), became regionally well known, and continue to this day to be legends in our own minds. Occasionally, I still play when I can find a group looking for a decent “axman” -- 


I did find time to graduate from Lawrence High School as a Merit Scholarship Finalist, attended KU on a Merit Scholarship, and ultimately received a degree in English.


Like most aspiring musicians (and English majors), I spent a good deal of time working in restaurants to keep from starving to death. Ultimately, I decided to get serious about food and enrolled in the Culinary and Hospitality Program at JCCC. This led to a number of interesting gastronomic adventures and eventually convinced me that it was time to get out of the kitchen.


Suddenly, practicing law didn’t seem like such a bad idea. And it has turned out to be a good choice for me.

I like practicing in the bankruptcy field because at the end of most days, I go home with a feeling that someone’s life is a little better because I showed up at work.


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Meet Jerry Harper

I was a drug dealer when I finished college. I sold such exotic items as Bayer Aspirin, Dr. Lyon’s Tooth Powder and Milk of Magnesia. At one time or another I was in about every town in Kansas hawking my wares.
After that my wife and I published a small newspaper for six years in Wichita. I also served three terms in the Kansas Legislature. Ultimately, we both went back to school. I obtained a law degree and she a masters in journalism.

We spent a couple of years in Washington, D.C., returned to Lawrence in 1977, and I began practicing law. Since then, I have done primarily bankruptcy work for individuals. 

Now, I’m semi-retired and leave most of the heavy lifting to John. He’s a little smarter than me. He got the Merit Scholarship. I was just a semi-finalist.